Why Your Website Needs to Be Responsive Right Now

why your website needs to be mobile responsive

I’m going to just be blunt here.  You’re throwing away TONS of business if your website isn’t mobile responsive!  In 2017, more than half of potential customers are coming to your website using some sort of mobile device.  Be it a smartphone or tablet, if they come to your site and find out that they have to zoom in, horizontally scroll, or struggle to click on tiny links, then you can kiss that lead goodbye as they will probably have already left your page and might consider a competitor with a better web presence.

“What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?”  you may be asking.  Simply put, a mobile responsive website is a website that adapts and adjusts its layout to best fit the size of the device you are using.  This is different than having a “mobile website” which is a separate website that is specifically designed for smartphones.  No, this is one single website that will “transform” its layout depending on the device you view it in.

To further emphasize the great importance of a mobile responsive website in today’s age of multiple devices, consider these additional reasons:

Your Search Ranking Will Improve

As of April 21st of 2015, Google officially announced that it will give additional search engine ranking to websites that are mobile responsive.  That means that if your website isn’t responsive, than you are currently getting penalized in google search results.  If search engine visibility is a factor for you, then it is very important that your site is updated to become responsive.

You’ll Be Including A Whole Additional Percentage Of Potential Business

Over 60% of people currently do most of their searching and shopping on their mobile devices and it’s growing constantly.  Gone are the days of people sitting at their desktop, or even their laptop searching for things.  A lot of people now use their smartphones pretty much wherever they are and whenever the thought crosses their mind.  Be it in bed, on the couch, at lunch, on line at the store, in the bathroom (yup it’s true), or on the train, people want information right here and now.  Spontaneity is the new norm.  And unfortunately with that spontaneity comes short attention spans.  If a user visits your site and finds it difficult to navigate on their smartphone while they’re eating lunch, kiss that lead goodbye.

 You’ll Be Futureproofing Your Website

Back in the day, there was pretty much only one device, a desktop or laptop, that people used to browse the web.  Now there are new devices coming out yearly, almost monthly it seems sometimes.  Smarphones, tablets, two in ones, over-sized smartphones, it can be a blur sometimes.  A responsive website will ensure that you don’t have to redesign it every time a new device with a different screen size comes out and your website will have a whole lot more longevity to it.

You’ll Increase Your Social Media Shares

A majority of users use social media on their smartphones.  That also means that most of them do all their sharing on social media using their smartphones.  If you have a great article or content that is shareworthy, your chances will greatly increase of it being shared if your site is responsive.

You Only Have To Manage One Website

Having a separate website that is geared specifically towards mobile users can be a pain.  If you update content on one website, you have to do it on the other website.  Sometimes these separate websites can be rather sparse compared to their desktop counterparts as they turn into a “set it and forget it” job.  A responsive website eliminates this headache by only giving you one set of content that you will ever have to maintain.


It is very important that you modernize your website to get ahead of the curve with your competitors.  Making it mobile responsive, in short will boost your visibility to a whole additional audience of smartphone users.  Contact Me today for a free consultation on how Deimos Designs can update and “futureproof” your company website.

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