Sinisi Solutions: A Web Design & SEO Case Study

Sinisi Solutions LLC is a company that makes and installs fire separation barriers to protect transformers at electrical substations from collateral damage and to keep critical infrastructure systems running. When they contacted me in 2020, Sinisi Solutions had a basic brochure website and no presence on Google. Their website got around 600 hits a month, and very few website inquiries. Most of their business was done through cold calling and their existing connections in the civil engineering sector.

Deimos Designs first took their website and gave it a functional revamp. It was a pretty straightforward brochure website with several product listings and a contact page but they weren’t getting too many conversions. Product pages were basically just a few pictures and text with nothing more. The first thing that was done was giving the site a small visual makeover to make the homepage & product pages more interesting, but this wasn’t the important part. The important part was adding informational download sheets for every product that visitors could download in exchange for their name, email, & company. Right away this raised conversion rates as people that visited the site started downloading these spec sheets who in turn were contacted promptly with a follow up by the sales team at Sinisi Solutions.

Product page from 2020. Not much to see here.
Product page from 2022, revamped with video and spec sheet form.
The addition of these spec sheet downloads became an effective lead magnet that greatly increased site engagement and lead collection.

The other issue we had to tackle was their website traffic in general.  When we started with them, they only had about 600 hits per month and weren’t ranking for too many keywords on Google at all.  Through a combination of strategic keyword planning, on page optimization, monthly backlink building, and monthly blog content creation, Deimos Designs was able to get them ranking in the top 3 for “Fire Barriers” which is their “money making” key phrase.  Their site hits have now increased from 600 per month to over 4000 UNIQUE users per month.

2020 metrics
2022 metrics, over 4000 users a month

Sinisi Solution’s website went from a basic brochure to a passive lead making powerhouse.  Through the combination of gaining more website traffic through SEO and turning their website into a lead magnet, Sinisi Solutions has landed several lucrative deals through some high profile energy & industrial companies throughout the United States and have become a formidable competitor in the critical infrastructure protection (CIP) sector.  

Current top search rankings. Their main keyword, "Fire Barriers" which they started out at in spot 25 is now currently in spot #2 in Google results.
This is a typical inbox sample of Sinisi Solution's inquiries from their website (with names redacted for confidentiality)

As of this writing, Sinisi Solutions is still going strong.  We are currently working on an even newer website look & feel and continuing to increase their online presence in Google search results.  I and my SEO team have also started re-targeting their website visitors with display ads to increase their lead conversion rates even more with great results.

If you’d like to see how Deimos Designs could do the same for your company, Contact Me with your requirements.

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