Refer Businesses to Me And Get 20% On Every Closing Deal

Do you have any friends, family, or fellow business owners that could benefit from my services?  Refer them over to me and if the deal closes you’ll get a 20% finder’s fee cut of the final price.  I like getting new clients, and you like extra cash.  It’s my thanks to you for bringing quality clients to me.  If you run a b2b business, you’re also helping your clients grow and succeed, and that helps both of us.  When our clients succeed, we all succeed.   If you’re interested, please fill out the form with your information below and I’ll contact you and we can discuss the arrangement further.  If you’re local to the NY, NJ area, I’m also happy to meet up for some coffee or a beer.  If you’re further away we can just have a virtual beer over Skype 😉