Are Kids Wasting Your Google Display Ad Spend?

If you have ever started a Google Ads Display campaign in the past, you have probably gotten very frustrated at the poor performance. You know the deal; ridiculously high click rates with close to zero conversions. You probably are wondering what the heck is going on, then you decide to check your metrics, “Where Your Ads Showed”. “WHAT THE HECK IS ALL THIS KID STUFF?!?! Little Baby Bum? Sunny Bunnies?!?! Talking TOM??!! What in the @#$* is a Troom Troom Trick?!?!?!?” Despite all of your tight demographic targeting, and topic exclusions, you just had all of your money blown on clicks from kid stuff.

Here’s what’s most likely happening. Despite the fact that you thought you put together the perfect audience to narrow it down to and picked the best topics (which still aren’t 100% accurate), your target audience just handed their phone to their toddler to keep them busy, and they will click on EVERYTHING!!!! They are perfect budget destroying machines!

Don’t click the ad, don’t click the ad, don’t click that ad…..AAAAH CMMON!!!!

How To Prevent Your Ad Budget From Being Wasted By Kids

You most definitely need to start excluding certain apps and Youtube channels. But it always seems like a game of Whack A Mole. You exclude the ones that were clicked on, and the next day you end up with another wall of kid stuff blowing your budget. The truth is that Mobile advertising very rarely converts, and unless you’re doing video ads, Youtube ads are a waste as well. Just block them both entirely.

First Let’s Block Youtube

Go To Placements -> Exclusions -> Search for ‘’ -> Choose ‘Websites’ -> Add to exclusions

Now Let’s Block All Mobile Apps, (yes….ALL of them!)

Go To Placements -> Exclusions -> Enter Multiple Placements

Now Enter This In The Field: mobileappcategory::69500

This will block all mobile apps. Period. So far Google is allowing this very useful shortcut code, but if it’s ever gotten rid of, you can also just go into each mobile app category and exclude them all. In fact, do that too. You can never be too sure.

That’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about somebody’s kid just button mashing without a care in the world killing your ad spend. Hopefully now your ads will get delivered to the actual ADULTS browsing relevant websites and you will start to see better results.

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