About Me

My Background

I’ve been a freelance web designer & developer for a little over ten years.  I majored in Communications in college in 2003 and really had no direction in my career. I worked a few odd jobs here and there, but nothing really clicked with me. I started learning web design and multimedia in 2005 as kind of a fluke. Once I jumped in though, I realized that I never wanted to go back. I am always trying to keep up on the current technologies and am always learning more. With every project I create and develop, I learn a little more as well.

My main area of expertise is front end development using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript and Jquery. I am well versed with WordPress and it is my CMS of choice. I’ve created many custom themes and templates for many different industries.  I perform most of my web design in New Jersey, but I accept clients from all over the country.

I’m the one on the right btw…

A Litte More About Me

I grew up in and currently live in Monmouth County, NJ. I consider the beach my home and wouldn’t want it any other way. Outside of web design, I have many other interests. I enjoy going out to restaurants and bars, good food, wine and beer. I enjoy the outdoors and love going on long hikes, kayaking, jogging, picnics and the like. I also have a keen interest in Sci/Fi and Fantasy entertainment and I embrace “geek culture”. I have no shame to admit that I enjoy playing intricate table top games with lots of rules, and often play Dungeons & Dragons with friends of mine. I am also a guitarist in two bands and love to go out and play live shows when my bandmates have the free time.

I look forward to working with you on your next project.